Deeply Convicted: Being Present

Friday, August 31, 2012

Before I started my work day today, I spent a little time surfing the web and looking at a few of my favorite blogs. I ended up seeing a post by a friend and heading over to one that I had never visited before. This friend has mentioned that it had really impacted her, so I clicked the link to go read. You can check out the FULL STORY THAT I READ HERE!
I cried and sat stunned as I read this womans story. It deeply convicted me. I want to be present. I want to live each moment fully embracing it.
I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am living this gift called life, but lately...
I have been distracted.
I sit here even now, hours later, thinking upon the story and I am just... humbled. You see, I have been blessed with an amazing business. A business that I love, that challenges me, pushes me, allows me to serve people all over the world. I would venture to say, its one of my biggest passions in life right now. Yes, this is all great... but, I need to know balance.
I admit... I am struggling with that.
My husband and I recently became the "proud" new owners of Iphones. I was told by the sales reps at the store that I was "the saddest person they have ever sold an Iphone to". And in fact, I was sad. I knew I was venturing into a whole new world where everything was at my fingertips. I knew I would struggle with it... and I do. I am not terrible. I refuse to take it out when I am on date night with Andrew... but, I do find myself on it A LOT.
 I am constantly checking emails!!
Even after my "set hours"
I want to be a good business woman. I desire to give good customer service and show my customer base that I am dedicated to them, WORTHY of their business and truly care about their needs. This is my passion! But, I have find it difficult lately to seperate work from life. I do not feel I have balance. Deadlines are always there. I am alone. I am the only worker and I have people who need orders rushed, by a certain date and I have promises that I need to keep to people that I have never even met!! People have anniversaries, birthdays, weddings that they are expecting me to have their product in their hands for! I feel pressure. I love when I am able to get things out on time... I fear failure. I fear that one time that I am not able to get something to someone and it breaks their heart.
Even though I have all of these fears and pressures, I need to be able to remember that I too, have a family, I too, have a husband, a birthday, an anniversary, a date night, even... dare I say it... A WEEKEND! Its tough to LEAVE WORK... when its sitting right there on the computer. There is no "SHOP IS CLOSED" from this time, to this time. Its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week open! Its crazy...! Its crazy and I love it... but its crazy and I need to be able to seperate the two. Or, join them in a beautiful blend that works. I want to give my husband the time he deserves. I want to be PRESENT. I dont want to be distracted all the time worrying that if I dont answer and email fast enough I am going to loose the customers respect.
I am not sure yet how to do this... I feel I am learning daily how to work hard and focus more. I know things come with time. I know that lessons have to be learned for things to stick sometimes. I am enjoying the ride and I look forward to hopefully many more months and years of this business because I truly love it.
So... now it is time to stop working and go get ready for supper! Then Labor Day Weekend! It's time to live in the present and not be so distracted by the phone, the computer, the emails, the constant buzzing around us... but to focus on whats right in front of us.
Doing anything fun for Labor Day?? Andrew and I are going to plan our weekend as soon as I leave the shop!! :) For now... I leave you with my newest product!! Enjoy!! Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

All My Best

Coffee Before Talkie Giveaway

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time sure does fly and its been quite a while since I have last posted!! Andrew and I have been trying to figure out our next steps in life right now and when I think about blogging, all I want to do is write about my thoughts and feelings in relation to this. However, nothing is set in stone yet, and I dont want to share information and then have it change. So, I am waiting until we have everything finalized before sharing our next steps with life! :) I know, I'm leaving so much suspense here... but, its easier to just share it when it is all ready to happen!!!
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