Valentines Day Giveaway

Friday, January 18, 2013

We are less an a month away from valentines day. 
Whether you are a fan of the "holiday" or not, I figured we might as well have a little giveaway to celebrate it. Maybe it will make it feel a little bit more special for those of you who view it just as a hallmark holiday!  

Personally, I do enjoy it... I mean who wouldnt want an excuse to give AND GET a little more lovin'! However, I do firmly believe that there shouldn't be all this added pressure. I think we need to make sure we are showing love to our family and friends everyday...and not just on February 14th. 

So - to kick things off and show all of my family, friends and FANS some love... I bring to you a chance to win some prizes!! 

I have partnered up with Tillie Polish for this giveaway!! Andrea was one of my dear college suite mates and her sisters and her have started up their nail polish biz and if you ask me... they are doing a pretty awesome job! Their colors are GORGEOUS!! 

Andrea also has a youtube channel all about beauty, nail polish and fashion. With over 18,000 subscribers she must be doing something right! It's so awesome to see your friends succeeding and doing things they love, which is why we are partnering up together today for this giveaway!!

Sooooo... heres what you can win!!!!!!

 From my SHOP you will win:

- Love Finds A Way Hand Stamped Spoon Set
- XOXO Hand Stamped Spoon
-XOXO Hand Stamped Fork

From TILLE POLISH you will win:

- ALL 5 nail colors show above!!!

Thats over $100.00 worth of product to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!!!!!

Here's what you need to do to enter. Pretty simple. Using the rafflecopter widget below follow the steps to enter. There will be different things for you to do in order to get entries such as, like a facebook page, subscribe to youtube channel or blog, etc. 

Please know that I will be verifying the winning entry and if you did not do what was asked, then I will be picking a new winner. So please, be honest, I hate when I have to disqualify the people randomly picked!! So excited to see who the lucky winner is!!

Click HERE for the video that Andrea will be posting for the giveaway if you want to check it out! Feel free to stop by and give her some love on her video. Thumbs up and a comment!! 

So! What are you waiting for!!??! GOOD LUCK!!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Reminder in the Sky

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I have been pondering this phrase for the past few days... pondering, what if the new year isnt happy? I mean... not to be all depressing or anything. But, what if it starts off with sadness. Such as, in my case, leaving family and friends and going 1600 miles away from them. I can not tell you how many people I saw on January 1st crying as they hugged their loved ones goodbye. 

Doesn't seem all too happy does it? 

Tonight, I am lonely. 
Tonight, it is quiet in the house. 
Tonight... I do not feel happy. 
Yet, I have decided that I can not let it overtake me.

I may be far away from my family, my in-laws, my siblings and dear friends. But I am not alone. Yes, I have my husband and I have our adorable little pup, BAYA...but it is even MORE than that. I have a hope. I have a purpose. I have a wonderful Savior who is continually showing me that He has me where he wants me. I was reminded of this a week before the start of this year.

On December 23rd, up in the air on a flight from Dallas to Boston I was given one of the greatest gifts. The opportunity to share my wonderful God with a 22 year old man named Henry. He had missed his first flight and ended up on a seat next to me. It was one of those moments you knew was completely meant to be and there was no other way to explain it. We began talking from the moment he sat in his seat and chatted the entire flight. I was given the opportunity to read Scripture with him and was prompted by God's leading to gave to him my precious Bible. That Bible was filled with notes, highlights, dates. I had that Bible since 2001. Some of my key growing moments were with that Bible. But I was asked to let go and allow another person to experience something beautiful as I did. 

It was the most surreal experience. To be flying in a plane, handing over one of your most treasured possessions to someone who you knew would cherish it. I had chills throughout my body as I handed it to Henry and tears welled up in his eyes. He told me he was speechless... what he didn't know is that I was also speechless in awe of a God who is constantly at work, even if we don't feel like the greatest example. With the craziness of holiday orders behind me... I had been feeling far from God as I hadn't had much time to spend with Him. That experience in the sky was God gently reminding me that He is EVER NEAR ME and will always be at my side. 

There are so many details of that flight that I will never forget and could probably keep writing about. But I will finish with only these thoughts...

I may not be "happy". I may "feel" lonely. But I am NEVER alone and I have a JOY inside of me that can never be taken away. It is my prayer for this new year that I never forget how much I am blessed. I pray that as I am being watched daily by customers, fans, family, friends... I am able to be a light that scares away the darkness rather than adding to the darkness.

Its a new year. I am filled with Joy. I am never alone. I am learning. I am growing. I am thankful. 

This is Baya. My new best friend who is at my side all day <3>

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