Giveaway Time!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, It certainly has been a while since I last posted!! Reason being, my husband and I moved to Texas from Massachusetts! We finally feel like we are settled in for the most part and just in time because the shop is keeping me VERY BUSY!!
As promised(if you follow me on facebook) - I am bringing to you a giveaway! People normally celebrate getting to a milestone like 1,000 fans on facebook once it actually happens, but I am close enough that I wanted to do one anyways!! Plus - who doesnt love a good giveaway!
I am collaborating with some awesome ladies and feel that this collection includes just about everything a woman might need in the kitchen. With a few little extras! :)
I present  to you.... THE GIVEAWAY!!!
YOU WIN: Pick any apron in her darling little shop!!
YOU WIN: Bear and Fox Print!!!
YOU WIN: $20 shop credit to anything in this adorable shop!
YOU WIN: Matching Purse, Keychain FOB and Card Wallet!!

YOU WIN: For your thanksgiving meal: Serving Set pictures above!!!
I am so excited about this giveaway and I hope you are too!! Lots of great goodies to win and its all going to ONE person!! One lucky winner gets all of this!!!
FREE SHIPPING for US winners
International winners welcome, but will have to help with shipping!
http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/3c1a862/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to come back every day until its over to get the extra enteries! I will announce the winner when the contest is over and the winner will have 3 days to claim the prize or else I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Deeply Convicted: Being Present

Friday, August 31, 2012

Before I started my work day today, I spent a little time surfing the web and looking at a few of my favorite blogs. I ended up seeing a post by a friend and heading over to one that I had never visited before. This friend has mentioned that it had really impacted her, so I clicked the link to go read. You can check out the FULL STORY THAT I READ HERE!
I cried and sat stunned as I read this womans story. It deeply convicted me. I want to be present. I want to live each moment fully embracing it.
I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am living this gift called life, but lately...
I have been distracted.
I sit here even now, hours later, thinking upon the story and I am just... humbled. You see, I have been blessed with an amazing business. A business that I love, that challenges me, pushes me, allows me to serve people all over the world. I would venture to say, its one of my biggest passions in life right now. Yes, this is all great... but, I need to know balance.
I admit... I am struggling with that.
My husband and I recently became the "proud" new owners of Iphones. I was told by the sales reps at the store that I was "the saddest person they have ever sold an Iphone to". And in fact, I was sad. I knew I was venturing into a whole new world where everything was at my fingertips. I knew I would struggle with it... and I do. I am not terrible. I refuse to take it out when I am on date night with Andrew... but, I do find myself on it A LOT.
 I am constantly checking emails!!
Even after my "set hours"
I want to be a good business woman. I desire to give good customer service and show my customer base that I am dedicated to them, WORTHY of their business and truly care about their needs. This is my passion! But, I have find it difficult lately to seperate work from life. I do not feel I have balance. Deadlines are always there. I am alone. I am the only worker and I have people who need orders rushed, by a certain date and I have promises that I need to keep to people that I have never even met!! People have anniversaries, birthdays, weddings that they are expecting me to have their product in their hands for! I feel pressure. I love when I am able to get things out on time... I fear failure. I fear that one time that I am not able to get something to someone and it breaks their heart.
Even though I have all of these fears and pressures, I need to be able to remember that I too, have a family, I too, have a husband, a birthday, an anniversary, a date night, even... dare I say it... A WEEKEND! Its tough to LEAVE WORK... when its sitting right there on the computer. There is no "SHOP IS CLOSED" from this time, to this time. Its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week open! Its crazy...! Its crazy and I love it... but its crazy and I need to be able to seperate the two. Or, join them in a beautiful blend that works. I want to give my husband the time he deserves. I want to be PRESENT. I dont want to be distracted all the time worrying that if I dont answer and email fast enough I am going to loose the customers respect.
I am not sure yet how to do this... I feel I am learning daily how to work hard and focus more. I know things come with time. I know that lessons have to be learned for things to stick sometimes. I am enjoying the ride and I look forward to hopefully many more months and years of this business because I truly love it.
So... now it is time to stop working and go get ready for supper! Then Labor Day Weekend! It's time to live in the present and not be so distracted by the phone, the computer, the emails, the constant buzzing around us... but to focus on whats right in front of us.
Doing anything fun for Labor Day?? Andrew and I are going to plan our weekend as soon as I leave the shop!! :) For now... I leave you with my newest product!! Enjoy!! Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

All My Best

Coffee Before Talkie Giveaway

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time sure does fly and its been quite a while since I have last posted!! Andrew and I have been trying to figure out our next steps in life right now and when I think about blogging, all I want to do is write about my thoughts and feelings in relation to this. However, nothing is set in stone yet, and I dont want to share information and then have it change. So, I am waiting until we have everything finalized before sharing our next steps with life! :) I know, I'm leaving so much suspense here... but, its easier to just share it when it is all ready to happen!!!
Today I have partnered up with TAM STYLE to bring you a sweet little giveaway. It will end next Tuesday at 11:59PM so you will have plenty of time to enter and spread the word!! I am using the one and only Rafflecopter! Heres what are are giving away!!!
A Mug & Coffee Spoon with my sweet little coffee saying for those GRUMPS in the morning...

This adorable little coffee mug has vinyl letters on the sides and pairs so well with my little spoon!

There you have it! Thanks for being such a great customer base to serve....
Now go get those enteries in!!! <3 p="p">

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She leaves the rest to God

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its been quite the ride recently... Lots of changes happening in our lives and we are being very prayerful about them and waiting on God to carve out the way before us. In the next week or so I will share some of the updates on our life, once they become clearer! 

Serving as a reminder for me I have created a new piece that I have now released today for you to purchase in my shop!!

Leave the phrase as is, or switch it up with a custom reminder for yourself!! Come on over to the shop and get one for yourself!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


A Painful Burn is a Painful Lesson

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Monday evening, Andrew and I were sitting together on the outside swing. We were talking about many things, but I for one, was having a very bad attitude.

That morning, we found out that an apartment we wanted fell through and was given to someone else. It was a tough thing, but soon that saddness was replaced by finding out that some of my customized spoons for Sweet Lucie's were set up on the landscape for their feature with one of the hottest LA Morning News Stations!! It was an honor and a privilege and I was on a cloud for most of the day.

Yet, somehow, I still managed to have a bad attitude by the end of the day. I was complaining about...well, everything. Worrying about our future and many other things!! Lets just say, I was acting completely childish and really had no grounds to be complain about anything. We are so blessed and have been given so much...Andrew tried to coax me into stopping, but I was on a roll. Complaints kept pouring from my mouth.

Shortly after this complaining session, Andrew asked if I would make sweet tea for him. We went inside and I started to make it. I put the water on and got out a glass pitcher to pour the water into so that the tea bags could steep. After a few minutes, the water had boiled and the tea kettle was screaming to be picked up! I poured some sugar in the pitcher and then all the boiling water... Right as I poured the last few drops, I had a quick image in my head of the pitcher shattering. I quickly removed the image from my head as...That wouldn't have been good!!! Right?!?

Not even 10 seconds later... it came true!!! The pitcher shattered before me and the water poured over the counter onto my pants! Thankfully I was wearing basketball shorts and could remove them quickly and I ran out of the room pulling at them to get them off. To my dismay, I looked down and I was burned on both legs...badly. I heard Andrew yelling if I was okay from inside the kitchen, as he was stranded in a pile of water and glass slivers! He somehow managed to quickly escape and came to my rescue. He quickly helped me into the back yard and told me to jump in the pool, giving me the water hose to hold cold water on it... He ran inside to look online for what we should do.

I stood in the pool, helpless, crying, as the pain was more breathtaking than anything I had felt before. I instantly realized... it was a lesson. I started to pray and cried out, " Okay, God! I get it... I learned my lesson... my life could be worse! Things could be worse!! I shouldn't have been complaining and I am sorry! Just take the pain away and I will never complain again!" Funny how we think that we can just TELL God we get it and the pain will go away... but no, lessons are often learned the hard way.

It was a long painful night, however, I was able to sleep and was happy for that. My leg is still blistered (the picture above is from today!). I am keeping it covered with gauze and putting neosporin on it.

The following day, I hobbled down the stairs to go into my basement studio to work on as many orders as I could, as its been very busy in the shop!! I went over to my work station and saw a puddle of dried, sticky, sugar water in the EXACT place where I work on orders. Somehow, it had seeped through the floor... RIGHT WHERE I WORK!!! Another reminder.... All I heard was, " I have blessed you more than you know and all you can do is complain about things...Be thankful, I am taking care of you." I cleaned up the mess in the basement and got to work, realizing that I truly am blessed.

Now, do I wish I could have learned this lesson WITHOUT the awful burn on my leg.... UHHHH YES!!! But, did I learn my lesson in a way more powerful way with this burn on me leg... Ummm.. YES!!!

Everyone who has seen it has said that it will probably scar and Andrew asked me yesterday if I was going to be sad if it does. I looked at him smiling and said, " NOPE!! It will serve me as a reminder everyday to not complain!... If there is one thing I know about my relationship with God, its that HE KNOWS that I need a good kick in the pants or a visual reminder of His commitment to growing me more and more into the likeness of Him."

Sooo... I am now taking guesses of what my little scar might end up looking like! I pretty much will have a free tattoo with an image that I have [not chosen] but will remind me of my childishness way and to flee from them!!

As for the shop, this little incident has put me back a few days, but I am still working hard to get orders out and create new things!! Here are a few new ones from today:

I hope that my painful lesson can serve as encouragement for you today... You are blessed, no matter what your situation. Sometimes you have to look at things a little differently to see the lessons that you can pull out. If you have anything that you realized through this post or have learned the hard way recently... feel free to share it with me in the comments!! I love hearing about what others learn as I believe that it can open our eyes to what we cant see on our own.

C.S. Lewis once surmised "that each person is created to see a different facet of God's beauty. Something that no one else can see in quite the same way and to bless all worshipers with an aspect of God that they could not otherwise see."

Until next time... <3

Live with the Wonder of a Child

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My My!! I have been slacking ever since my birthday giveaway!! This summer has been great so far and even though its been VERY busy in the shop, I have still been able to enjoy the summer before we move to Boston as well. Last week, Andrew and I house sat for my parents and with their berry bushes, chickens and grand garden, I felt like I was on a farm!! 
Here's a little mash-up of the week! Thankfully, Andrew was a big help picking the berries!! <3
Several weeks ago, I had the honor of spending some time with my niece, Ruby, and nephew, Abel. They are alike in many ways and so very different in other ways. It was a very busy 3 hours as we spent some time with the kittens, the pond fish, the dog, the chicks, watching a movie(kind of), playing basketball, walking around the yard... and then everything again a few more times! I got a few cute pictures of the kids and this is a way that I can get them all to my sister-in-law's in a quick and easy fashion, plus they are just TOO CUTE not to share...so, here are some darling little pictures of their kids!

Love this one... looks like we are taking a grand adventure and Abel is leading the way for us girls!
"Live with the wonder of a child"
Abel tells the wildest and most incredibly imaginative stories... I can't wait to see what he will do when he gets older... I can only imagine!!
This one just cracks me up!!
All in all, spending a few short hours with them showed me how much we as adults sometimes miss. Our busy lives often cause us to not be able to stop and take in what is around us. The small details that we often miss. I am reading a great book that my mother-in-law gave to me and it is really aiding me in this idea of Giving Thanks for the simplest of things and allowing our lives to reflect a thankful heart and in doing so, will produce joy. 

And the Winner is....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! It was a long wait to see who the winner was and I love announcing who won, but I also dislike it because I know that everyone wishes SO BADLY that they could have won! Don't be sad, because with every lose... you get closer to a win!! Don't worry, there will be more!! :)

Without further or do... THE WINNER IS...

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I have contacted you and will be working with you to make sure you get every little prize shown!  So jealous and so happy that someone gets all of these amazing prizes. 

In closing, I have applied for a grant with Chase and Living Social to try to be one of the 12 selected to receive a very large grant for my business!! It would seriously change Andrew and my life as we make changes in the next year for him to go back to school. I would be able to offer more variety in my product and potentially set up an actual shop! It would be an unreal thing and although, I know my chances are slim... I am stepping out and going for it! 

I am only a few 25 votes away, today, from being qualified to go to the panel of judges and need your help! If you can take a few minutes to do the steps below.... it would mean the WORLD to me! Its pretty easy actually!! Plus, as many votes from consumers as possible will also show them how much my business is supported and loved and may in turn help my chances!! Thank you!!

1. Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com
2. Click LOG IN and SUPPORT button on the right hand side
5. Share on Facebook if you wish!! :)

I really appreciate all your support! I was talking with one of my friends mothers today about how blessed I feel everyday that God has given me this business and that it is taking off and thriving like it is. I feel so undeserving, but I cherish it. 

Thanks for all the entries and I hope you will support and give love to all the vendors who participated...some very talented individuals!! <3

See you soon...<3

Time for a Birthday Giveaway!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's here, it's here...IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! My birthday giveaway!! I am thrilled and just SO SO excited to show you the vendors that have agreed to participate... they are all some of my favorites and I could not be more blessed to have such an awesome group!! The items that are being given away are all from shops that I admire and adore and the theme of the giveaway is basically what I would have LOVED to receive as gifts for my birthday! So...One lucky person is going to win everything I wish I had!! And of course...I will be SO jealous of the lucky winner!!

You will have a whole week for entries! Next Monday afternoon the winner will be announced!! Spread the giveaway around and give these talented shop owners some love when you visit their sites!!! <3

So, in no particular order... I now introduce to you the line up...drum roll PLEASE!!!!

Vintage Rose Wraps
Giving Away: $50 shop credit to their shop!!!

Giving Away: Be A Square Knot Bracelet!!!

Giving Away: $20.00 shop credit!!!

Subtle Acts
Giving Away: Fox Notebook!!!

The Lonely Heart
Giving Away: 2 yards of "I love you" ribbon on a tag!!!

The Posh Daisy
Giving Away: "i love you to the moon and back" hand stamped necklace!!! 
*Winner gets choice of stone*

Motif Pillows
Giving Away: $20.00 shop credit!!!

Peekaboo Lace
Giving Away: $50.00 Shop Credit!!!

For Such A Time Designs (ME!)
Giving Away: $30.00 Shop Credit!!!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . 


Some amazing things to win here!! 
This values around $200.00 with shipping!!!!

Go ahead and sign in using the entry form below and GOOD LUCK!!
Can NOT wait to see who the lucky winner is!!!!

<3 One Winner Takes ALL!! <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Campfire Gathering

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love parties. I especially love when there is thought put into the little details. Pinterest is an amazing thing and lately I get lost on it! Of course, it's advertisement and visuals of everything beautiful and pretty...So, I spend a half hour or two getting lost in dream world of all the things I would love to do, see, have happen or explore! I am fighting the temptation to go look at it now!!

Last Saturday, I put together a little party. It was for my birthday, but more so just an excuse to throw a party and invite a few friends over to enjoy a planned out event. I found a few ideas on pinterest and then had a few ideas of my own and when they collided... I was so thrilled with the outcome! I even made my first lattice top pie!!

I'd say it was an alright first try! I can't wait to experiment now with different pie crust tops!! After I got the pie in the oven... it was time to start making the homemade strawberry lemonade...LOTS and LOTS of lemons...

I then put the strawberry lemonade in these little jars that I made! Found the idea on pinterest!

I made a few other desserts and treats and then began to set the scene...

The picture above makes me so happy. It looks exactly the way I had dreamed it to look like after planning it in my head for the week before. Isn't it fun to make life pretty!!

We hung lanterns from string and put candles in Atlas jars around the walkways and the campfire... what fun Andrew and I had putting it all together.

Stay tuned... I have an AMAZING giveaway coming your way on MONDAY! I have contacted some of my very favorite shops and have rounded up some of the best to bring YOU a giveaway in celebration of me turning one year older!! You WONT want to miss this one!!


A Beach Wedding

Monday, June 11, 2012

About 2 weekends ago, on June 1st, Andrew and I attended the wedding of Andrew's Uncle Scott and the beautiful, Terri!! We happily welcomed her into the Nickerson family! It was a small, intimate beach-side wedding with their immediate family and closest friends. It was such a joy to see them commit their lives to each other. I look forward to seeing how God blesses their commitments to each other! 
After the ceremony,everyone looked forward to the food, as they chose some New England favorites. Clam chowder, clams and mussels, lobster, along with delicious chicken and steak tips! Because of their meal choices, for the gift we decided to give them their own dinner sets, with clam chowder spoons (stamped in Boston Style 'Chowdah') and "I pick you" seafood picks! I took a few pictures of the finished product for your viewing pleasure...

I then wrapped them in some tan/burlap looking napkins that I picked up and handmade the "nautical looking" braided ties to hold everything together! Finishing with hand stamped silver gift tags and a gift note!

 I placed them at their sweetheart table so that they could either use them during dinner 
or at least get the feel for what the gift was for!!

The weather was great. A bit windy and somewhat cloudy... but right after they were pronounced Husband and Wife, the sun shown right through the clouds, 
as if God was shining down His favor on the couple.

Their beach decor was so CUTE!!

Terri was such a beautiful and stunning bride...

Scott and Terri made some wine together that they placed on each table. Someone from each table would win it! The label on the wine bottle was designed by my Brother-in-law, Seth Nickerson. He also designed my business logo!! Such a talented guy! Check out his stuff here. He also designed our wedding invitations and my mom sewed the envelopes...I loved them and still do!! <3 

What a fun and special night with my husband! It was a joy to be a part of this momentous occasion for the Nickerson family. 

On another note... June 10th, 2012 was a special day for my business, as one of my items was featured in The Sunday Boston Globe, in their Globe Magazine!! WHATT!?!?! Yes!! My heart skipped a beat or two when I opened it up, not knowing how big, how small, how much or how little would be written or featured! It's such an amazing feeling to have your product be recognized. What an honor and a blessing that I do not take for granted!!


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