"Falling in Love with Fall" Giveaway

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I think I teased y'all enough the past several days leading up to this giveaway,
 so now it is time to reveal what this giveaway entails!
For Such A Time Designs has partnered up with the wonderful Tillie Polish to bring
you another giveaway! 

Andréa and I were both college suite-mates and are now both pursuing our own small businesses, so we figured that every now and again, we might as well partner up together and give our wonderful fans a chance to win some things, along with the chance to get to know another small business!

Tillie Polish is a nail polish company owned by 3 sisters, one of them being Andréa! Their polish line is amazing and if you search around on Instagram you are likely to run into photos of people using their polishes and ADORING them!! This is their first year in business and they are doing very well! Its so exciting to see your friends succeed in their endeavors! 

If you would like to see Andréa's video for the giveaway you can view it HERE!

Back in February, you had the chance to win some of their winter collection, so this time around, you will have the chance to win their fall collection! 

So pretty!! I love the names they come up with!

This collection includes the following polishes that one lucky winner will receive:

Fall Fête- a tangerine orange with subtle golden shimmer
Who Let the Divas Out?- dark and vampy, a dramatic plum
Leaf It to Me- an olive green with warm, golden shimmer
Forbidden Fruit- the perfect classic red
Espresso Yourself- rich and delectable, a chocolate brown

Along with this gorgeous collection of polishes, one lucky winner also has the chance to win some product from my shop:

I chose some of the most ornate and detailed pieces that I could find! Some of these are the most beautiful I have ever happened upon! 

This giveaway is open to everyone and will last from Tuesday October 22nd until 11:59pm on Tuesday October 29th. Winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter. To enter, use the widget below. If you have never used RAFFLECOPTER before, do not fear, it is pretty easy and makes things so streamlined! Click on each entry and just follow the steps and directions. 

Have fun and good luck!!! 

My Refuge

Saturday, October 5, 2013

May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.
Ruth 2:12


In definition, this means, "a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble." This verse in Ruth, specifically the ending, has had such meaning for me this past year. To be honest, I have struggled with it. I have struggled to fully believe and trust that God is truly...truly, my refuge. And, as we are coming up on what marks ONE YEAR of living in Texas... I am reflective. 

This move has caused me to grow on so many different levels. Some small and some so deep that they require more than a blog post to explain and express. I have been in awe of God's fingerprints on my life and how He has used each and every situation to mold, sculpt, teach, grow and direct me. Through big mistakes, through loneliness, through new friends, new living situations, new experiences and strangers...

I have seen how MIGHTY my God truly is. 

In a few short months, Andrew will be leaving his full time job and going full time with his pursuit of his masters degree. This means that I will be the main source of income for us...

Yes, thats what I said. Me, Aly, owner of a business of which I stamp spoons and forks and personalize them to make every day life a little more intriguing .. this business of mine will carry us through these next few years. 

This concept...astounds me. 

I am beyond grateful. I am insanely scared. I am excited. I am honored. 

I am amazed that God has decided to give me this fun business For Such A Time Designs, "for such a time as this" to allow it to provide for us while my husband is in school. It puts even that much more worth into each and every person I serve and each and every piece I create. 

This past year has had so many exciting moments of growth and increase for my business. And though as a business owner, it is so important to see increase in sales, ultimately, my main goal has never been for myself...but for the people I come into contact with. My goal, has always been to show each and every person love and to show them that I care about the details of their life. My desire is that when I receive an email from a customer about personalizing a spoon or fork for an event or time in their life, that they would feel that I gave them the time and energy that they deserve. 

That I cared for them. 

That I loved them.

That their life has meaning and is important to me. 

This is what drives me everyday. 

This is what I am after. 

My greatest hope has always been that no matter how successful or big my business becomes, that I would never forget the process, the people, the relationships that I have formed along the way and that what comes first is always the individual PEOPLE I serve and my success comes second to that. 

Along with serving people in my business. Another opportunity has come about for us that I am beyond excited about in relation to our living situation and social life.

Andrew and I, along with him pursuing school have taken on a big commitment as a married couple. We are in the last stages of being placed in a specific & chosen apartment community (yes, we will be moving AGAIN) for us to serve in. 

Basically, we will be the "face" of the community there.... Pouring ourselves into the residents that live there and caring for them. We will plan events and basically love on each and every person that lives and/or works in the apartment community. My prayer is that God will bless our time devoting ourselves to this ministry and the people we will serve here as well. 

As I move forward into these two big roles of owning a business that is our main source of income and serving with my husband in an apartment community, I want to always remember of the blessings that got me here and the road that God put us on that led me here. I feel I have come to find refuge in my Savior and trust Him with the next steps moving forward, better than I have before(though still learning every day).

 Ruth 2:12 has become a theme verse for me. I know that the road will not be easy moving forward and that there will be challenges.... but I will trust in my God, that He will be my refuge and will be faithful, just as He always has been. 

. . .

I created the necklace in the beginning photos as a reminder to myself that God is my faithful refuge...and when you see me wearing it you will now know the depth of its meaning to me. I hope it will encourage you as well. 

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