Good Friday Reflections

Friday, April 14, 2017

"I'm the one who held the nail" are words from a song that blares through my radio. A reminder that my filth put Jesus on that cross.

For I have been angry. I've been a liar. I've succumbed to depression. I've been hateful. I've been prideful. I've sought my own desires. I've been weak. I've been a gossip. I've envied others. I've been selfish. I've used ugly words. I've hurt others. I've crossed boundaries. I've done wrong. I've sinned time and time again... but today. Today we remember.

You were mocked. Beaten. Spit on. A crown of thorns shoved onto your head. Dragged and shamed. You were bullied to the royalist degree. You hung... nails in your hands and your feet... for me. For us.

You saw me. In all my ugliness. And you said: you my child, you are redeemed. I take it all. Return to me with all your shame and look to the cross. I take your weaknesses and give you life.

Today I remember the death of my Savior. The one who redeemed me from all my broken and cracked shame. The one who sees me not as I am, but for who He calls me to be.

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