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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I have had several people ask me for the recipe for the salad that I posted on Friday(which was a recreation of the salad I had for our Anniversary dinner last week!

Below is the picture that I took before I indulged.

MMmm.. My mouth is watering just looking at it!

So - In an effort to get this goodness in my mouth again. I decided to go to the store and pick up the SIMPLE ingredients to recreate it. Of course - the grocery store was out of pomegranates so I had to go without. TRUST ME... you will want them. It adds such a pop of flavor!

And with all good recipes. Of course, you need a good hand stamped utensil to accompany it. This is a salad recipe I hope to ALWAYS be friends with... (I know, lame joke). 


-Bibb Lettuce 
(I used a Spring Mix because the grocery store didn't have it, but it's better with the Bibb Lettuce. It is much softer and has a smooth taste. Really good!)
- Red Ruby Grapefruit
- Avocado
- Poppy Seed Dressing
(the one shown in the picture was good. I might try to make my own soon. The one at the restaurant was out of this world!)
- Sprinkle with Pomegranate seeds

And thats it!! I used half of a grapefruit and half an avocado, but you could totally use more than that depending on if you are having it for lunch or dinner. ENJOY!!

Let me know if you try it! Feel free to share pictures on my facebook page.

with love,



  1. this salad is yummy, i tried today

  2. Thanks for posting the full details,its really a good information
    veg manchurian recipe


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