Road Trip 2013 : No Internet, Long Recap

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well, I should have realized that when you are driving through the desert, internet service isn't going to be as strong as I am used to. This is the reason why I have been MIA with the updates the past few nights. We also have been doing a lot more hiking than I was expecting. The past 2 days we have hiked more than 14 miles. Its been amazing and such a good workout, also allowing us to see so many things. But, by the time we get to our hotel at night... I am WIPED OUT and do not have a ton of energy! 

For all of you reading this that live out in the west near these places... I am officially jealous of you. I am SO in love with everything out here. As if I was meant to live out here and somehow just didn't get the memo!! Maybe someday... :) 

The Grand Canyon. We took a 7 mile hike around the South part of the Grand Canyon. 
It was perfect weather and truly just so amazing. 

There weren't a ton of people on the trail that we were on, which made it really peaceful and more real. However, that meant we were not able to get a ton of pictures of both of us. This photo above was at the very end...we finally got someone to help us out!

Our next destination was Lower Antelope Canyon! Absolutely stunning! The walls of the canyon glow with the light and it seriously was unlike anything I have ever seen... I mean... LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!! 

Isn't it just AMAZING??! God's creation is just unexplainable! I couldn't get enough.

Next stop was Zion National Park. 

We ended up hiking up to Angel's Landing, which had me face some fears of heights and being close to the edge of cliffs. We then did a bunch of other little hikes. 

We ended up hiking to the top of that rock mountain!!! 

and made it up and back down in one piece!!

After hiking all day, we stopped for a quick lunch and then jumped in the car and headed 
to Bryce Canyon National Park.

The ride and views just blow me away... literally, I feel like my photos look fake! And they aren't!!

Gorgeous views!!

thats Andrew walking down there to give some perspective. 

The sun began to set on our day and we headed to our hotel...where I am now finishing up this post and will be shutting off the light. We are getting up at 7:30am tomorrow and heading on our 5 hour drive to Arches National Park. 

Have any of you visited these places? Share your stories in the comments!! 

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