And the Winner is....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! It was a long wait to see who the winner was and I love announcing who won, but I also dislike it because I know that everyone wishes SO BADLY that they could have won! Don't be sad, because with every lose... you get closer to a win!! Don't worry, there will be more!! :)

Without further or do... THE WINNER IS...

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I have contacted you and will be working with you to make sure you get every little prize shown!  So jealous and so happy that someone gets all of these amazing prizes. 

In closing, I have applied for a grant with Chase and Living Social to try to be one of the 12 selected to receive a very large grant for my business!! It would seriously change Andrew and my life as we make changes in the next year for him to go back to school. I would be able to offer more variety in my product and potentially set up an actual shop! It would be an unreal thing and although, I know my chances are slim... I am stepping out and going for it! 

I am only a few 25 votes away, today, from being qualified to go to the panel of judges and need your help! If you can take a few minutes to do the steps below.... it would mean the WORLD to me! Its pretty easy actually!! Plus, as many votes from consumers as possible will also show them how much my business is supported and loved and may in turn help my chances!! Thank you!!

1. Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com
2. Click LOG IN and SUPPORT button on the right hand side
5. Share on Facebook if you wish!! :)

I really appreciate all your support! I was talking with one of my friends mothers today about how blessed I feel everyday that God has given me this business and that it is taking off and thriving like it is. I feel so undeserving, but I cherish it. 

Thanks for all the entries and I hope you will support and give love to all the vendors who participated...some very talented individuals!! <3

See you soon...<3

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  1. Congrats to the winner :) I hope you get your grant!


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