Day 2: Monterey + Carmel

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Another lovely day here in California! We are EXHAUSTED by the day, so this post again wont be too long, as we are headed to bed at only 9:30pm! Oh, but I am excited as can be as we havent been going to bed before 1:00am for the past week or so!

We woke up today and started the drive along the cliffs...although we didnt know it until Andrew turned his head around and saw this glorious view!! So we pulled over and snapped a few pics...

He is SO handsome!!! :)
This area was amazing... wildflowers everywhere! I saw a sign that had a cute little daisy with an arrow... So I took the turn, and we landed here!

Strawberry picking was next!! They were as big as apples!! And they made our car smell so good too!! Now the trick is to make them last as we dont have a traveling fridge with us in the car!

As were were driving on the highway, I saw a sand dune with a pathway to it. I wanted SO BADLY to find it. After a good 10 to 15 minute search...we finally did! It was phenomenal!

Finally, we drove the "17 mile drive" from Monterey to Carmel and finished the day with a small sunset. We hoped for more.. but this is what we got! We also were able to see the solar eclipse, but had left out camera in the car. Oh well!!

OH! I almost forgot... This was from yesterday! One of the "pan handlers" in the city sat behind branches and when people would walk by, not seeing him, he would growl and move the branches towards them! This was on of the best pictures I got. It was HALARIOUS!

Well, time for bed for us! Goooooodnight!! :)


  1. Looks like you are both having a blast! (my vacation isn't nearly exciting!! LOL a lot of napping here!! )
    Keep the pics coming!! Love seeing them.....I'm so jealous!

  2. Wow looks like you're both having such a great time! Loving all the great pictures!
    The last picture is hilarious! =D


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