Day 7: Last Day in Yosemite

Friday, May 25, 2012


Today we spent our last day/afternoon in Yosemite. Today was a lot colder! Yesterday was a high of 81 and today as we left the Park it was a windy 39 and beginning to snow!! The lowest temperature we saw as we drove out of the mountains was 34 degrees! Andrew loved today as he thinks the low light and clouds makes the pictures better. 

Heres a few pictures as we recap the day!

He didn't want to leave the park... he literally was in his paradise!

This picture above is one of our favorite pictures of todays adventure!!

This is the snow that we hit on the way out of the park!

Ahhhhh! We made it to the Victoria Inn, Murphys, CA. Time for some good food at the bar & grille right underneath our room, and some good sleep for our 4 hour drive to Tahoe tomorrow!! Andrew tells me we are staying in a really nice resort! Excited to see it!

This trip so far has been unreal. I absolutely love to drive and roadtrips are my one of my favorites. I adore staying in a different hotel each night and keeping things spotanteous and unknown! So thankful for a husband who enjoys doing research and planning things out! Without him, this trip would not have happened, as he spent weeks and weeks planning the very trip we are on right now!!


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  1. You are one lucky girl to have such an amazing husband! =D


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