Day 4: Sequoia National Park

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yes, I am sure you are all wondering... We did make it to the hotel in time for American Idol!! Thank you for your concern! :) Today was A LOT of driving... over 6 hours worth! The drive up to the National Park was extremely windy and after a while I started to get pretty car sick... I ended up making it to the park without any mishaps though! Thankfully! We did a decent amount of walking and hiking and saw some VERY VERY big trees!! What an incredible sight...

Just finished watching American Idol and off to go relax in the hotel's jacuzzi now! Tomorrow we head off to Yosemite!! We will be staying in a tent for the night, so I am not sure if I will be able to update. I think there are facilities available, but if not, I will update the following night when we stay in a nicer hotel in Yosemite! What an adventure we are having... still can not believe this is only Day 4 of 13!!!!! I am in love with this trip so far... <3

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  1. Awesome pictures. Staying in a tent sounds like fun! =D


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