Day 3: Big Sur + Madonna Inn

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today...was amazing!! We drove along the coastline/Big Sur and must have stopped over 3 dozen times to get pictures and see the coastline. Never in my life have I seen the coast like I did today... Sure beats New England. Yes, its true! I wished we could have just driven along the coast forever. We had our Trader Joes snacks and I enjoyed every single second of it!

This was the first stop along Big Sur. The water was an unbelieveable blue color and as you can see from the picture.. it was SO windy!!

One of my favorites spots of the day... the water looked dazzling and the waterfall was beautiful!

I think this picture almost looks like I was photo-shopped into it! We saw these gorgeous poppies on the side of the road and Andrew made me go lay on the ground to get a few shots!! Then about an hour or so later, Andrew spotted a waterfall off in the distance through some trees. So, naturally...our next move was to park the car and go for a hike... WE FOUND IT!!!

After the waterfall adventure...we thought the suprises were over... Until, we looked over at the coastline about a half an hour later and saw what is in the picture below:

A WHOLE COASTLINE FULL OF SEALS!!!! A crazy sight... NOT a pleasant smell!! ha!

We stopped in a small town before sunset where we had dinner on the pier and then caught the last sunset we would see on the coast before we would head inland for the rest of the trip!

THEN! To top off the day... we arrived at Modonna Inn where we stayed in the room called "Yosemite Inn"! This hotel has a ton of different rooms to choose from. Ours had rock walls, a fireplace, a rock bathroom and rock shower, not to mention... the most amazing toilet ever!! It had a heated seat... yes, a heated seat!! HA!! Right when we arrived we ran to the pool, swam and sat in the hot tub, and I put a little work out in at the fitness center, before we hopped in the king size bed to get some good sleep before our long day at Sequoia National Park!!


We have about 4 hours of driving ahead of us, and then 2 more after we see the park... Hoping to catch American Idol tonight... Yes, I am an American Idol addict this season!


  1. Looks like Morro Bay in the last pic? But its hard to tell cause of the distorted stretched look. & we've seen those seals before!! Insane!

    1. Yes - that is Morro Bay! Is the picture not coming up well in your computer? Trying to work out all the kinks! :)

  2. I can see all the pictures - they just look stretched out. So the rock looked taller than it actually is so I thought maybe you were somewhere else. Thanks for all the updates! It was fun watching your trip from afar!


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