Day 8: Murphys, CA to Lake Tahoe

Sunday, May 27, 2012

After a restful sleep at the Victoria Inn, we spent the early afternoon walking around the town and eating at one of the local bakeries for lunch. The town was adorable and had a great feeling to it! It was packed, since it was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, so we only got a few pictures, but none that truly could depict what it really looked liked.

We then headed towards Lake Tahoe. It was about a 4 hour drive and as we headed through the mountains...we hit SNOW! MORE SNOW!!! This time, it was a lot more than before and the fog was so dense, we could barely see off the sides of the cliffs beside us!

and I was wearing sandals!!!

We started to come out of the snow a bit, but it still was flurrying and foggy!

Then, all of a sudden, we drove around a bend... and IT WAS SUNNY!! Weirdest weather ever! HA! We also got another beautiful shot of a rainbow!

After about an hour or so of driving through the sunshine, we arrived at our destination for the night. The resort is amazing!! We had some of the best food that we have had on this trip so far... wish we had our camera to take a picture of the plates set before us. UNREAL! Everything is gorgeous and luxurious... 
down to the robes we were given to stroll on down to the pool in!

We are staying up in the glass building at the end of the little shop area in the picture above. AND!!! tomorrow... Andrew is letting me go to the spa at the resort and get a 1 hour and 45 minute "Paradise Manicure and Pedicure" with massage!! I am SO excited!!! We are finishing off the night watching "We Bought a Zoo" in our robes with the fireplace going... This trip...is unreal!


  1. Wow more great pictures! I feel like I'm there with you guys! =D

    1. Cherie - your comments make my day! Thanks for following along!! ;)


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