Vacation's Over : Back to work!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today was my first day REALLY back to work here at the shop! We got back from our last day in CA on the 30th and we had a wedding on the 1st! I will be blogging about that one in a few days. I put together a little DIY gift for the Bride & Groom to go along with their Beach Lobster/Clam Bake Wedding! It came out pretty cute (at least I think so) that I took pictures to share!! 
I realized that I never updated about the LAST day of our trip! So here is a little recap with pictures...
We went to an Olive Oil tour and tasting in Napa valley

We drove up to see the Golden Gate bridge and found some cool little places to take some pictures

We then finished off the night with a stroll down Sausalito, CA streets and a lovely meal at the Plate Shop!

We stayed at a really nice hotel on the last night. The bed litetally felt like a cloud! We got a great night sleep before the 6 hour plane ride back to Massachusetts! Such an amazing trip and so many  memories. I feel closer to Andrew than ever before and it was a great one year trip for us!! I love this man!! :)

Its been a tough transition from the 3 hour time difference. Tougher than we thought! Andrew got sick soon after we got back and we both have been accidently sleeping in a little too late! Try NOON on Saturday!! My oh My!

This morning I started off the day right with some honey nut cheerios, strawberries and blueberries and a much needed Ice Coffee!! I love stirring in my LOVE (aka: caramel) into the cup with one of my newer additions to the shop!!! What do you like in your ice coffee?? Caramel ALL THE WAY for me.... and LOTS of it!!

MMmmmm!!! It was delish!!! I may have added a bit too much caramel as I was taking these shots!! I'll have to put it a little bit of a longer run today!! OOOps!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great way to end the holiday. Can't wait to see the items you have in your shop =D


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